A Monno Edit: Mugs

For us, there is nothing better than a perfectly designed cup. Creating a beautiful piece, that has both form and function. We asked our team to share their favourite mug design with us and to share a bit about why it stands out to them.

Samiul Islam, Managing Director (UK)
“For me, my all-time favourite will always be the M-202 Snap Short Mug. It is the most ergonomic mug I have ever used with the most perfect handle that sits on your index finger. Furthermore, the capacity is also perfect for a strong cup of tea (or cha).

It holds a special place for me – even my wife knows the shape code of it and she doesn’t know the shape codes for anything else. We also used this shape for the commemorative mug we created for the birth of our daughter. Needless to say, a pair of M-202 always travels with us to every hotel (along with tea bags of Yorkshire’s finest).

Billy Lloyd, Creative Director
“My current favourite mug – it changes quite regularly depending on new developments and what I’m enjoying drinking at that moment – is the new Giotto mug, designed for us by Studio Levien. The ‘block’ handle is very elegant and surprisingly dainty, given the tendency for block handles to be somewhat ungainly. Overall, the shape is very well balanced in use, so it makes for a comfortable cup of coffee! Robin Levien is a good friend of mine and our studio here at Monno, so it has been a pleasure working with him and his colleagues on this new collection.”

Moynul Islam, Vice Chairman
“For me the Bone China Mug M-202 and Cup & Saucer R-24 are both unique products and great for enjoying tea. Over the years I’ve noticed that Bangladeshis also seem to love the design of M-202 and Cup R-09. So much so that factory can hardly keep up with the demand!”

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