At Monno, we believe that beautifully designed tableware is timeless.

We are a family business with design and craftsmanship at the core of what we do. For decades we have been designing and manufacturing bone china and porcelain tableware in Bangladesh.

The Team

Rasheed Islam
Managing Director (BD)

Rasheed joined the team in 2008 after achieving a first class honours masters in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London. His abilities were quickly recognised and he soon became one of the youngest directors in the BCMEA.

As Managing Director of Monno he is in charge of all operations in Dhaka, splitting his time between the head office in the city and our factory in the industrial district. He ensures the factory is running to the best of its ability, while managing and implementing our global strategy. This has included implementing state of the art manufacturing in the factory to keep Monno at the forefront of the design and production industries.

Billy Lloyd
Creative Director

An award winning designer of ceramics, Billy received a BA in Ceramics at Camberwell College of Art and Design in 2006. Over the years Billy has gained recognition for his positive attitude towards both craftsmanship and industrial design, establishing himself as a leading figure in Britain’s ‘designer-maker’ generation.

Today, Billy is now responsible for our creative strategy and design direction, encompassing new product development as well as branding, marketing and collaborative opportunities.

Samiul Islam
Managing Director (UK)

Samiul manages all international sales and operations, serving as a conduit between our global customer base and their frequent consignments from the factory. Growing up surrounded by the family business, Samiul is passionate about solidifying Monno as a global brand.

Graduating with a double masters in Mechanical Engineering and Management from Imperial College London, Samiul was instrumental in expanding Monno’s footprint abroad by establishing a new design studio in London. He is based in London, making quarterly visits to our team in Dhaka.



Working between our two factories in Dhaka, we’re able to control every step of the process, from clay production through to custom gift box fabrication, enabling us to create a product to your exact specifications. 

Our team is comprised of 2000 employees that together produce 1.75 million pieces per month. Our skilled craftspeople as well as our state of the art equipment, including high-pressure casting, isotactic pressing and the printing of ceramic decals, ensure the highest quality for our products.

We understand the importance of decoration. Bring your designs to life with services such as automated dip and spray glazing, manual coloured glazing, spray glaze decoration, coloured or metallic banding and bespoke in-glaze or on-glaze decal production and application.

A Proud History

A family business

In 1984 Harunur Rashid Khan Monno, the enlightened industrialist, politician and philanthropist, established Monno in Dhaka. He believed it was the responsibility of the manufacturer to look after his employees and therefore ensured that they had the very best possible working conditions, even building a nearby hospital to care for those in need. This moral ethos still remains today and can be seen in the charitable work of the Monno Welfare Foundation.

Our Factories
We are now one of the leading tableware manufacturers in the world, this has come from our years of experience and knowledge of the process. Our two factories work with some of the industry’s leading technology and machinery, with our team of over 2000 employees there throughout, ensuring that your design is executed precisely each and every time.
Our London Design Studio
Keeping up with the latest trends is extremely important to us. That is why we set up our London design studio and showroom, working in tandem with the factory in Dhaka, to develop and consistently deliver innovative designs. Our creative director, the award winning ceramist and designer Billy Lloyd, manages the London studio.

Get involved

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