Bone China: Aura

Aura aims to capture a moment in time, think free flowing soft folds of silk and sinuous ripples of water, sensitively translating them into tableware fit to enhance one’s gastronomic explorations.


320mm 0059 R52


280mm 0016 R52


210mm 0007 R52


170mm 0010 R52

Pasta Plate

280mm 0134 R52

Rim Soup Plate

230mm 0110 R52


230mm 0202 R52


170mm 0301 R52


140mm 0304 R52


80mm 0330 R52

Oval Platter

360mm 0602 R52         

Oval Platter

220mm 0604 R52

Serving Tray

280mm  0631 R52

Tea Cup & Saucer

240ml  0401 R52 

Coffee Cup & Saucer

125ml 0403 R52

Espresso Cup & Saucer

75ml 0446 R52

Coffee Mug

380ml 0464 R52

Milk Jug

215ml 1101 R52

Sugar Pot

270ml 1202 R52


950ml 0901 R52

Coffee Pot

1150ml 1001 R52

Salt & Pepper Pot

90mm 1901 R52

Salt & Pepper Pot

90mm 1902 R52

Butter Box & Tray

1681 R52

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