Porcelain: Doppio

Doppio is our first barista-friendly collection of cups and saucers. Six cups share three saucers, saving space while doubling opportunity. The saucers are generously shaped for ease of use and the ‘block’ handle lends strength to product. The handles’ soft angular shapes distance themselves from more traditional curved handles common within this genre, becoming the leading design feature of this range.

Designed by Billy Lloyd.

Dinner  Plate

260mm R85

Sandwich Plate

210mm 0007R85

Pastry Plate 

160mm 0010R85

Combo Plate

280x180mm R85

Small Bowl

125mm R85

Cappuccino Cup & Saucer

155mm 0448R85

Espresso Cup & Saucer

130mm 0449R85

Flat Cup & Saucer 

155mm 0414R85

Hot Chocolate Cup & Saucer

180mm 0426R85

Latte Cup & Saucer 

170mm 0427R85

Tea Cup & Saucer 

170mm 0497R85

Coffee Mug M294 

410ml 0469R85

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