Bone China: Euclid

The coupe plates that have defined Euclid’s success are among some of the finest shapes on the market. The elegant curvilinear forms, displayed across the range, elevate the everyday.

Coupe Plate

310mm 0001 R32

Coupe Plate

280mm  0016 R32

Coupe Plate

230mm 0005 R32

Coupe Plate

190mm 0008 R32

Coupe Pasta

250mm 0107 R32

Rim Pasta 

295mm 0134 R32

Rim Pasta 

254mm 0123


257mm 1831 R32


210mm 0013 R32


165mm 1851 R32


380X225mm 1885 R32


280 x 190mm 1897 R32


250mm 0212 R32


210mm 0203 R32


162mm  0301 R32

Muesli Bowl

124mm 0323 R32

Pinch Pots

70mm 0335 R32

Coaster Bowl

134mm 0304 R32

Coaster Bowl

105mm 0334 R32

Tea Cup & Saucer

330ml 0409 R32

Espresso Cup & Saucer

130ml 0446 R32

Tall Mug

450ml 0468 M201

Short Mug

266ml 0469 M202

Milk jug with handle

1101 R32

Milk jug without handle

235ml 1102 R32

Sugar Bowl

112mm 0322 R32

Tea Pot

1200ml 0901 R32

Sauce Jug

1401 R32

Sauce Jug

1402 R32

Oval Sauce Jug

600ml 1403 R32

Salt & Pepper

1901 R32

Salt & Pepper

1902 R32

Tea for one

500ml 0912 R05

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