Porcelain: Hamaguri

The softly rounded shapes that form this collection’s plates take reference from traditional Japanese lacquer ‘hamaguri’ trays used during tea ceremonies. The iconic ‘bon’ (meaning small) trays play a leading role in the ceremonies, presenting seasonal ‘kaiseki’ cuisine. Typically, their shapes are reminiscent of a clam (hamaguri) shell, which is a symbol of good fortune.

Designed by Yumiko Iihoshi


400 x 255mm 0601R83


320 x 200mm 0603R83


225 x 165mm R83

Eating Plate

280 x 235mm 0605R83

Eating Plate

230 x 190mm 0604R83

High With lid

155 x 103mm R83

Bowl With lid

155 x 52mm R83

Bowl With lid

115 x 65mm R83

Bowl With lid

100 x 62.5mm R83

Tea Cup

95mm 0481R83

Coffee Cup


Demi Cup

70mm 0483R83

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