Porcelain: Ripple

Ripple is an example of simplicity being the ultimate sophistication in design. The distinctive character of Ripple is the concentric horizontal relief, which can be enhanced further with a coloured glaze. There is also an ergonomic advantage to the relief, particularly on the plates, as they are easier and safer to pick up. This was Martin Hunt’s final design before he died in 2018.

Designed by Queensberry Hunt

Dinner  Plate

270mm 0016F75

Salad Plate

225mm 0005F75

Pasta Soup Plate

230mm 0216F75

Cereal Bowl

140mm 0301F75

Coffee Mug


Rice Bowl

110mm 0321F75


125mm 0323F75

Dip Bowl

75mm 0330F75

Tea Cup & Saucer




Medium Flower Vase

95mm 1783F75

Small Flower Vase

75mm 1784F75

Sq. Deep Soup Plate

200mm 1834F75

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