Porcelain: Rococo

Those looking for a slightly more traditional approach will welcome Rococo, a charming collection, which adds flair and finesse to the home.

Round Plate

300mm 0001 R49

Round Plate

270mm 0016 R49

Round Plate

210mm 0007 R49

Round Plate

160mm 0010 R49

Soup Plate

230mm 0101 R49


260mm 0211 R49


230mm 0202 R49


165mm 0301 R49


140mm 0304 R49


200mm 0203 R49


110mm 0322 R49

Oval Platter

360mm 0602 R49

Oval Platter

300mm 0603 R49

Oval Platter

200mm 0604 R49

Tea Cup & Saucer

180ml 0401 R49

Coffee Cup & Saucer

120ml 0403 R49

Espresso Cup & Saucer

90ml 0404 R49

Coffee Mug

280ml 0463 M266

Milk Pot

230ml 1101 R49

Sugar Pot

300ml 1201 R49


1100ml 0901 R49

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