Bone China: Taper

Suited to trends away from the standard three-course-meal, Taper’s simple shapes make it ideal for everyday use. The refined concentric relief, featured on some items, serves as an elegant food framing device that adds a touch of sophistication to the table.

Wide Rim Plate

300mm 0018 P75

Wide Rim Plate

230mm 0006 P75

Wide Rim Plate

169mm 0529 P75

Wide Rim Ripple Plate

280mm 0016 F73

Wide Rim Ripple Plate

230mm 0005 F73

Cereal Bowl Ripple

160mm 0209 F73

Cereal Bowl Ripple

125mm 0323 F73

Cereal Bowl Ripple

110mm 0321 F73

Coffee Mug Ripple

330mm 0468 M257* F73

Cup & Saucer Ripple

300ml 0401 F73


270mm 0016 P75


220mm 0007 P75


180mm 0010 P75

Pasta Plate

236mm 0216 P75

Serving Bowl

320mm 0215 P75

Serving Bowl

215mm 0204 P75

Cereal Bowl

170mm 0302 P75

Cereal Bowl

140mm 0301 P75

Cereal Bowl

125mm 0323 P75

Cereal Bowl

110mm 0321 P75

Gratin Dish With Handle

206mm 0275 P75

Gratin Dish Without Handle

206mm 0276 P75

Gratin Dish Small

158mm 0209 P75

Oval Platter

370mm 0602 P75

Oval Tray

310mm x 180mm 0603 P75

Cup & Saucer

250ml 0401 P75

Coffee Cup & Saucer

100ml 0403 P75

Coffee Mug

300ml 0468 M237

MIlk Pot

345ml 1102 P75

MIlk Jug

900ml 1301 P75

Sugar Pot

255ml 1201 P75


1000ml 0902 P75

Cake Stand

270mm 2196 P75

Cake Stand

215mm 2197 P75

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